Your Government, The Jokers!

Today is a heavy day. Hope for mankind is fading. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel but there is always a human that covers it. There are humans that try and then there are humans that attack the people that try because they do not try hard enough or do not try as hard as them. Humanity has been given to much intelligence and we do not know how to handle it.

We are all unique, our own thoughts and feelings. We are closing in on 8 billion humans on this planet, to unite 8 billion people will either demand an act of god or an alien invasion. You can have hope for humanity and I applaud your courage and endurance but trust me when I tell you, we will never succeed convincing all countries on earth to cease animal cruelty and suffering. My day is filled with faces of animals, seeing their fear, their despair…if we one day can speak to animals and they ask me why, I will not have an answer, I will say I tried and their response would be that you did not try hard enough. I will spend this life continuing my efforts but I know that independently what I do, I will not succeed, but at least I can die knowing I tried.

This gentleman in the United Kingdom did win my heart this morning. He used to love bacon and when he found out how the pigs were treated so he could love this bacon, he stopped loving bacon. If all humans on this planet could be like him, we would be more united than we have ever been in the past 2,300,000 years.

Governments and their laws and regulations will not help here. Sweden has the strictest animal care laws in the world but we are number 89 on the list of countries population wise. Even with these laws, we have shown videos upon videos of those being broken and our government does not lift a finger for a pig, why would they, it is just an animal and they love bacon.

Enjoy the video, there are some disturbing images but it is worth the tears and sadness, trust me.

Study the image below, look into their eyes, can you see the fear, can you see the despair, can you see that they already know their doom, can you see their disappointment, can you see the one dog asking Why?

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