What did they do?

I have not written in a long time, been so extremely busy with our new website and we created a roadmap into the future for the next three years, we are extremely excited. Our days can be very low and tearful due to all the havoc humanity causes but we do our best to find meaningful effort for every day that passes. We want to end the day knowing that we did at least one activity to pave the path in ending animal cruelty.

We have also learnt a lot about the truth the last month that has passed. The animal industry has such a devastating impact not only on the animals but the footprint you place on this planet is stained with blood. In addition, we have learnt that animal consumption such as any type of meat, dairy and eggs is the number one cause of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, many mental illnesses etc. This is something we did not know and something that has been hidden by the industry.

We have also finished gathering inspections performed by the authorities for one county in Sweden. We also monitor and have activists assisting, for media releases of animal cruelty where we coordinate with local authorities for additional information, pictures and even videos. People need to see and read the truth behind their consumption.

As Dr. Richard D Ryder proclaimed, speciesism is the act where another art, in this case animals, are excluded from the rights, freedoms, and protections afforded to humans. There is absolutely no difference between this and racism nor sexism, it is the same crime. These innocent animals, who have no escape, no rights, no justice, no protection, deserve your compassion and love, not your greed nor hate. Humanity was not placed on this planet to kill. It is proven that killing only builds sadism and these animals, watch the videos, look at the images, study their eyes, see their pain, listen to the unheard, do something. You as a consumer carry all the power in the world to make a change, nobody controls your fate.

I will try to start writing again, it is like the cries of all animals in the world can be felt in my soul. The pain, the fear, the suffering…what did they do to deserve this?


Humanity in Shame!

Couple of days has passed since I last wrote. My heart and soul has been filled with such grief and sadness for all the millions upon millions of years that are used as raw material by humans. Animals that endure great suffering and tremendous pain is laid upon them. Their fear is immense, you can see it in their eyes, their despair is obvious, where are they supposed to go, who will save them, they have no home…it breaks my heart.

We have had a lot of conflict with breeders, that us Vegans are a plague. You want to believe them, that they are thinking of the animals but it does not matter because for them the animal is a commodity, a profit. It is born with a death sentence when it takes its first breath of polluted air. It does not help when a county newspaper writes about animal abuse in the morning paper, how eight sick cows were left to die during a period of a year. I wonder what they were thinking, were they in pain, did their last breath of air in sorrow, despair, fear, and pain. What has become of humanity, we are no better than our ancestors and we hide the truth from our children, we should be ashamed.


Carnivores, Herbivores, or Omnivores...

Carnivores, Herbivores, or Omnivores, do people even know where the human is based on our biology and physical structure? Most people do not, they strongly believe we are with the group called Carnivores, I even had people that said we were scavengers.

Herbivores are animals whose primary food source is plant-based. These animals have evolved digestive systems capable of digesting large amounts of plant material. The plants are high in fiber and starch, which provide the main energy source in their diet. Since some parts of plant materials, such as cellulose, are hard to digest, the digestive tract of herbivores is adapted so that food may be digested properly. Many large herbivores have symbiotic bacteria within their stomachs to assist with the breakdown of cellulose. They have long and complex digestive tracts to allow enough space and time for microbial fermentation to occur.

Omnivores are animals that eat both plant- and animal-derived food. Omnivores cannot really eat everything that other animals eat. They can only eat things that are moderately easy to acquire while being moderately nutritious. For example, most omnivores cannot live by grazing, nor are they able to eat some hard-shelled animals or successfully hunt large or fast prey.

Carnivores are animals that eat other animals. Obligate carnivores are those that rely entirely on animal flesh to obtain their nutrients; examples of obligate carnivores are members of the cat family.

So, what is a human, should we really eat meat? Humans cannot eat meat without the help from tools which brings up a conflicting argument. Let’s compare us to carnivores with a few examples on how nature designed us or for you who are religious, god.

A carnivore's teeth are long, sharp and pointed. These are tools that are useful for the task of piercing into flesh. Omnivore's (meat and plant eaters) teeth are like that of carnivores. Man's, as well as other herbivore's teeth are not pointed, but flat edged. We usually have two canines that people usually conflict with carnivore but these are used to eat fruit, try eating an apple without these teeth. There are other species that have canines and never touch meat i.e. Hippopotamus, baboons, saber-toothed deer, and camels.

A carnivore's jaws move up and down with minimal sideways motion. The jaw motion of an omnivore is similar. Man's, as well as other herbivore's jaws cannot shear, but have good side to side and back to front motion. These are tools that are useful for extensive chewing, crushing and grinding of grains and other high fiber foods. Animal flesh cannot be crushed, ground and chewed.

A carnivore or omnivore's saliva does not contain digestive enzymes. Man's, as well as other herbivore's saliva is alkaline, containing carbohydrate digestive enzymes. 

A carnivore's stomach secretes powerful digestive enzymes with about 10 times the amount of hydrochloric acid than a human or herbivore. The pH is less than or equal to "1" with food in the stomach, for a carnivore or omnivore. For humans or other herbivores, the pH ranges from 4 to 5 with food in the stomach. Hence, man must prepare his meats with laborious cooking or frying methods. E. Coli bacteria, salmonella, campylobacter, trichina worms or other pathogens would not survive in the stomach of a lion. 

A carnivore's or omnivore's small intestine is three to six times the length of its trunk. This is a tool designed for rapid elimination of food that rots quickly. Man's, as well as other herbivore's small intestines are 10 to 12 times the length of their body, and winds itself back and forth in random directions. This is a tool designed for keeping food in it for long periods of time so that all the valuable nutrients and minerals can be extracted from it before it enters the large intestine. 

A predator has a gait, large paws, and claws, which enable him to hunt, chase and trap his prey. These are tools meant to kill. Man's gait, as well as other herbivore's is designed only for mobility. Examine your hand, fingers, and fingernails. Is this an apparatus properly designed for catching, trapping, killing, and ripping apart cattle, hogs, chicken, and fish? How does this work for picking fruit from trees or harvesting vegetables?

A carnivore's frame of mind is totally geared for hunting and killing. Man's frame of mind is compassionate, friendly and reveres life. When the lion spots another furry animal, something might instinctively click in his head that tells him to hurry up and get dinner. When man spots a furry animal, rather than show his children how to take its life and eat it, a more likely instinct is to pull over, get the camera out and take a picture. Put a young baby chick and an apple in a crib with a six-month-old baby. What will he instinctively attempt to eat and play with? 

Man, is not a natural hunter. Every predator, in order to go hunting, MUST be hungry. Man, cannot go hunting if he IS hungry! He must have a meal first. Hunger must precede a predator to go hunting. Hunger must follow man's desire to go hunting, it cannot precede it.

So, get naked, no tools, find a rabbit, a squirrel or even a cow. Attack it, kill it, and start eating it. Send me an email if you succeed, take some pictures as well or you can be like this <insert the most offensive and foul word you could call someone> below who believes that animals are treasures to be slaughtered for a picture...