Knife in the Heart!

I woke up this morning in despair, had to hug my dogs an extra time, had to convince myself that the little I do is good enough. Why can’t we all be synchronized to realize that there is a way to kill the meat industry without using violence!

Since birth I have lived with the fact that meat should be consumed. I travelled Asia for years with my father, eating things that you could only imagine. I spent 10 years in the United States, consuming large steaks. I am not proud of my past but how was I supposed to know when nobody told- nor showed me?

It is just recently with the birth of social media where news media has no control, this is the place where the truth has a chance to glow brighter, pulsating in the darkness, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I wish I could do more, I wish I could just make it stop or rescue them all. It is beyond imagination when we look at the quantities of species and animals that are brutally abused and killed every day. Not all farmers are born with an evil touch and you as a meat consumer is not to blame, most of you do not know and even if I show you, what are the odds that you will believe me without seeing it with your own eyes? That is why I will continuously make videos and share videos to raise awareness, to spread the word, to present the truth of what happens behind those locked doors that you really do not want to open but deep inside you know that truth is something humanity always strives to inhale.

We have two dogs, Lucy and Tom. Lucy is a silver spoon dog, born into this world with her mother and father. She spent eight weeks with her mother and then she came to us, however, her mother lived right down the street so they saw each other often. She has never had to fight for anything or felt left out. Tom is a rescue dog. They found him on the streets in Dublin with a broken left hip that had healed incorrectly. He also has a bent front left leg and he is extremely afraid if you approach him with a decisive face, he shrugs into a ball and shows terrifying fear…it feels like he was abused…


Animal Rights need to be Law with Order

This blog will be focusing purely on being a voice for the ones that cannot speak, the Animals.

After 42 years of meat loving and extreme consumption, my soul has finally awoken from its eternal consumption sleep. It is beyond my understanding the cruelty that humanity not only does to its own but to innocent animals that have no voice and no other way beside body expression and sound to show emotion. It is proven without any doubt that all animals express the same feelings as humans do, after all humans are also animals that derive from the mammals’ family. Animals express fear, anger, irritation, annoyance, despair, sadness, depression, happiness, joy, excitement...the list can go on and on. I can only taste bitterness when I watch the video that I created based from samples taken from different organizations across the globe. It does not matter which country you come from or live in, all countries have a locked door that remains closed to the public and it is only through espionage that we can see the bitter truth. Within the video there has been a visit to almost every continent on earth and multiple countries in each continent. Do not think for a minute that the country you reside in is not infected by the same type of cruel behavior. I cried for a full 20 minutes when I watched this video, not for the how the humans act toward the animals but for the fear and despair that the animals show in their eyes and their desperate body language. I am disgusted to call myself human since my brothers and sisters treat animals with such disrespect.

Don't see this video as sadness, see it is an opportunity for you to...make a change. Watch, cry, gain strength and within the next couple of weeks I will share easy activities that will give you the chance to make a change.

Today I am a devoted vegetarian and not one day pass without me finding new ways to change my lifestyle, all for the one goal, to provide animal rights and to raise human understanding that we are destroying this planet and its habitants. Animals did not ask to be here. Most of the animals we consume were placed here through hectic and inhumane births. I quote Michael Jackson and I hope you all awake from your sleep and do something about it "we stop existing and start living". We need to wake up, we need to be on the right side of the fence, defending the ones without speech, without rights, without someone that loves them, without someone that sees them as only food...make a choice.

If you sit down and think about, give it a couple of minutes or even one hour, just think. What is the goal for the companies that satisfy your consumption? We humans call it profit, I would like to call it greed. To make a profit you must keep your expenses low and because of this there is only one victim within this sector, the animals. Not only do the companies have do anything possible to cut down on their expenses but they must add anger and ignorance to their daily activities. By doing this it turns out to be extreme cruelty and this cruelty is within the meat that you consume. Watch the Video please, share it, spread it...make a difference.

Attention to the video that it contains extreme brutal- and violent treatment of our most commonly consumed meat, depending on your culture, but nonetheless cow, calf, pig, piglet, chicken, duck, rabbit, and dog.