To Blame a Vegetarian!

Today is my big day but I would like to dedicate it to all the suffering animals on our planet. Last night we had a discussion with a few meat consumers that called themselves animal friends and I thought to myself, I need to confront this statement since it promotes a double standard.

Some interesting facts about friends, it is usually a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard. It could also be a person who gives assistance, patron or support. It could also be a person who is on good terms with another, a person who is not hostile. With that said, how can a meat consumer ever be considered an animal friend? An animal born with a price tag so the breeder, the transport, the butcher, and the retailer or if it is all managed locally, can make some money from an innocent animal, this is the same as being an animal friend? To pet and cuddle with the same animal that you serve on your plate in the form of food, this is the same as being an animal friend? This friendship ends because your friend has a purpose to satisfy your greed for something you don’t really need but you love it so you want it, that is the same as greed. This friend that you love so much used to be a breathing animal with a heart, a soul, feelings but no voice.

I’ve heard some sick things in my life but that one consumed the cake. The usual retaliation we get from meat eaters is animals are just animals even though we are mammals it does not count, we walk on two legs and we can talk, plus we are civilized, hence we must judge other animals that are not like us. Another usual tactic is the destruction of the rainforest to make soy. The one thing that meat eaters are not good at is basing their facts on accurate data, it is just a defensive tactic to eat meat. To feed a larger, more urban and richer population in the future, food production must increase by 70%. The major increase in soybean cultivation is a direct response to this growing demand. Soybean meal is the largest source of protein feed in the world, and is generally used in animal feed. Therefore, most of the world’s soybeans are consumed indirectly by humans through products like meat (chicken, pork and beef), dairy, eggs and farmed fish. People also directly consume soybeans in tofu, soy sauce, meat substitutes and other soy products. Soybean oil is primarily used as table oil. However, its use for biodiesel production is growing rapidly. Other non-food uses are increasing and include paint, ink, wax, and soy-based foam and plastic products. So please, stop blaming the vegetarians for an increase in soy production.

It is much easier that the focus is centralized on the plate in front of you or the people you intend to serve with food. What is on that plate is what makes a difference to the unknown future but foremost to a defenseless animal who is forced into captivity and has no choice but to accept the fact that after a short life they are forced to live fast before entering the slaughterhouse where they will face death in agony and pain. If we don't even mention other animals that humans crave to consume i.e. cats, dogs, rabbits, ducks etc.

  • A Dairy cow’s natural lifespan is 20 years but within factory-farms it is 5-6 years.
  • A Male calf’s natural lifespan is 20 years but within factory-farms it is 3-16 weeks.
  • A Lamb’s natural lifespan is 12 years but within factory-farms it is 3 months.
  • A Chicken’s natural lifespan is 7 years but within factory-farms male chicks are killed within one day (crushed to death) and six weeks for broiler chickens.
  • A Pig’s natural lifespan is 15 years but within factory-farms it is 5-6 months.
  • A Human’s natural lifespan is unknown but within factory-farms it is 73 years for males and 78.5 years for females.
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