The Myth of Milk!

Milk is a mystical myth, sometimes you wonder where it all comes from. I can start by telling that most myths within the animal industry come from greed to make money because money is the sole goal for most humans. Even though money only brings misery for some reason humans do not trust this judgement and rather experience it themselves and then build regret.

Very few people were brought up to the truth behind milk. The myth is that milk is the drink that nature has provided humanity and we need it to make our bones strong. We are fed images of cows grazing on the meadow with their calves close by, a happy image. As soon as we are at age to comprehend, we are continuously brainwashed in regards to how natural it is to drink milk, everyone does it and it is important to consume dairy products. The truth is that milk is unhealthy for us and the cows endure great suffering for that sip of milk in your coffee or that glass of milk for dinner. Cows have it even worse than the cattle involved in the meat industry, at least they get a short life with a quick death. Even though this is considered madness and usually involves extreme violent methods from the humans that “care” for these animals.

Humans produce milk for their children as all mammals do, cows are no different, their children are called calves. Cats have kittens. Dogs have puppies. Pigs have piglets, you get the picture. The sole reason that milk is produced is because their children needs it. Not for it to be consumed by humans. Let’s add some new products, would you for instance buy pig milk? Elephant milk? Dog milk? Monkey milk? I highly doubt you would. Milk is one of the biggest lies that the dairy industry has ever presented to humanity, it is a simple money making machine.

We have been drinking milk for about 100 years, not much longer, did you know this? We use to give the milk to the calves and if there were leftovers, the owner consumed these, they were not sold on the market. Adults did not drink milk, was not even a thought. During the industrial revolution, you who have read history have heard about it, end of 19th century, is when the idea of drinking milk grew as a bad seed. In year 1946, in Sweden, Arla began delivering milk to schools.

I know I have already spoken of the cow’s life but let me walk you through it once more, just so you understand how it works and perhaps it is time you share it with your children.

For a cow to produce milk they need a calf and since it is cheaper to use insemination, then this is what occurs about once a year. When the calf is born, it is treated as a thief and is separated from its mother, humans need the milk, not the calf. It is extremely common that a cow will cry for its calf for days after it has been taken, most mothers tend to do so, imagine yourself if you were a parent and someone forcefully took your child. Since male calves cannot product milk, they are fattened for about 18 months, then they are transported under cruel environments to the slaughterhouse. Mostly they receive a diet with less iron so the meat is light in color and to look nice when you see it in the store, while the calves suffer from shortage of iron. Female calves are now facing a life that could much be compared to a concentration camp, you know what happened to the Jewish people in world war 2. The first two to eight weeks the calves are placed in a small box where they barely have space to turn around. Their food is served in a bucket or in best case scenario, an artificial teat. After eight weeks, she is boxed in with other calves in a barely larger area. If she is lucky she is let outside after six months, some calves never get to see the outside. At the age of 15 months she is inseminated for the first time, she must be productive, it is a living, breathing expense that produces milk for you. Within the next 10 months she is milked two to three times a day, then it is time for a new insemination. This will continue until she is no longer productive, and this is when she ends up at the slaughterhouse since her reason to live has been consumed. This usually occurs after four to seven years of age. Due to the intense milking, she can receive inflammation and sours on her udders, so you fill her with antibiotics.

Do we need milk, do you really think so? Think again;

  1. Lactose intolerance derives from milk consumption since we stop producing lactase at the age of five. Nature is telling us that now milk consumption needs to end. All mammals receive this signal but only the human continues their consumption.
  2. Milk also causes osteoporosis. When your body receives milk and animal protein, an acid is formed in your body. Your body will defend itself by using phosphate, which can be found in your skeleton structure. Add up the math, you consume phosphate which is needed by your bones. The calcium your body needs can be found in green leafed vegetable products.
  3. Milk causes mucilaginous. When you drink milk, you can feel it. The negative part about this is that you’re your body cannot pick up nutrients.
  4. Milk increases the risk of cancer and diabetes, about 30-50%, both for men and women.
  5. Milk usually gives you acne and skin problems.
  6. Remember I told you about antibiotics, we receive these when we drink milk and it increases our resistance to antibiotics.
  7. Milk contain a lot of saturated fatty acids which increase the risk for the development of heart disease.

So, if you think that adding milk to your coffee is ok or using milk products in your cooking is feasible then you might want to think again. If you care about yourself and your children, then you would take these facts serious and find alternate solutions which are already available in the supermarket.

At the end of this website link there is a video showing a normal day for a cow, watch it and ask yourself, is this right, is this the life you would have accepted for yourself, would you put humans through the same since we also produce milk?

A Cow's Life Link
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