The Holocaust of Animals!

Summer will soon arrive, daylight will extend and the smell will start filling the air, it is called barbeque season. We act like when we discovered fire, our pray is cooked over the fire, we celebrate by cracking a beer. We have never seen the animal alive, the thought is not even in our mind, how did this piece of meat end up in the package I bought at the store? Instead we work hard and earn that money which means we deserve that meat, we are entitled this meat. If we put aside the horrific breeding, transporting, and slaughtering of animals which consists of an air filled with stress, fear, and loneliness, we all know that the industry represents a major contributor to polluting earth. Yet we still decide that this piece of meat is a status symbol for you, I can afford it. It represents some type of well-being and wealth. It is an important part of our rituals and parties. During a short period, meat has turned into common consumption habits. It is by today’s standard cheaper to buy meat than candy. We consume 30% more meat than our body needs which results in devastating effects on our lifeline. If you look at humanities growth, mass starvation is a factor, it is our future because we are destroying natural forest just to create pastures. 70% of the corn and 80% of the soya grown on our planet is being used as animal feed. Out of all the countries on this planet, China is at the top as the consumer of grain for animal feed.

From the latest calculation in 2012, per FAO, we consumed approximately;

  • 296,244,063 million cows, bulls, and calves
  • 59,793,859,000 billion chickens
  • 1,394,489,497 million pigs

The numbers are so great that they are almost impossible to comprehend, yet, we continue to consume and ravage the earth for food that is poison and misunderstood. The meat- and dairy industry uses advertising to smoothen your mind, the pigs look happy, usually having a curly tail, even though it is cut off as piglet. Chickens are free range and the cows are walking around on green meadows. That is not the reality and we all know it deep inside.

Between the years 1941 and 1945, often referred to as the holocaust approximately 6,000,000 million European Jews were executed either through shooting or at the gas chambers located in the concentration camps. For humanity, this was devastating, a complete disaster. If you look at the meat- and dairy industry, they might not be human, yet they are animals with intelligence, feelings like sadness, fear, remorse, happiness, anxiety, stress, anger, irritation, joy, content, as you can see they are much alike humans. We believe we are doing the right thing, we rather not see it but we sure enjoy it when it is available at the supermarket.

Watch the documentary here and witness the truth behind this cruel and heartless industry that builds on fear.

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