The Dream of Eurovision 2017!

Someone said in the late 1900-century "Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in". Humanity in its every glowing glorification has done it again, hit the headlines with repetitive animal cruelty.

Today we travel to Ukraine, in preparation for Eurovision 2017 we must look good in front of Europe so we can gain access to European Union. We have stray dogs by the thousands on our streets, dirty fleabags that carry diseases and constantly beg for food. We do not care who put them there even though we know it is humanities fault, we will not be doing anything about it until the public eye reaches us. Our solution is simple, we will either capture them and burn them alive, poison them and then burn them or capture them and hold them for a week to see if there is an owner, then murder them.

It breaks my heart knowing the pain and suffering we humans cause every day to innocent, breathing animals that did not ask to be born into this world. It does not matter which event you chose in the world, if it be Eurovision Song Concert, Football World Championship, Olympic Games, there are always innocent bystanders who cannot defend themselves, have no rights in society, have no voice to express their wish, we humans, treat them as trash which can easily be disposed of without consequences.

We are here, we are listening, we are shedding tears, we think of you, we feel you…there are humans with a heart of gold. Humans that throw away all need for material and money. We cannot provide them justified salvation but every thought, every hope, every shed of light, all your love helps. If you cannot donate money, if you cannot take the next flight, send them a thought, give them peace.

Nobody deserves this type of treatment, foremost, not the innocent. To sweep the problem under the carpet is the green light from the government in Ukraine. There is a program called TNR-M which stands for Trap, neuter, return and manage, a method that does not include death, something being performed i.e. Sir Lanka. Make your voice heard and express your concern to your local Ukrainian Embassy in the country of your residence. In addition, please follow this link to sign the official petition.

Below I have shared a video of a poisoned dog. I want to warn viewers for heartbreaking images.
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