The Clock is Ticking!

Yesterday I made a slideshow on my computer of animals in despair, pain, and fear. I decided to show it in the background before my meetings at work so people can see the reality behind the meat-, dairy-, cosmetic- and fur industry. People asked questions, I answered and it became deadly silent. Then I decided to share this within a closed group of vegetarians and vegans. There were a lot of positive reactions but also a few negative. People that claimed I am trying to push a change through threats and enforcement. For me it was simple, I used the same tactic the meat- and dairy industry use. There are constant commercials surrounding us, in magazines, on television and on billboards. There are i.e. cooking shows where kilos upon kilos of meat- and dairy products are wasted. This is acceptable by society but as soon as someone shows the backside of the industry, of the animals, then it is wrong. Someone told me it is the norm, accept it, eating meat, and drinking milk is also a norm so maybe I should go back to this life, everyone else does it. The roles of norms are emphasized which can guide behavior in a certain situation or environment as "mental representations of appropriate behavior". If you feel any norm that breeds, price tags, tortures and executes an animal is appropriate behavior then the world will end independently of the choices you make. Your children will inherit a corrupt and polluted planet.

No, this is not reality and this is not the correct path. You can decide what you want to do with your life but if you place children on this earth then you bare full responsibility for their survival. I recently posted a blog entry of the impact humanity has on earth’s survival. If you chose to ignore this then perhaps you will grow old, you will survive but there is no guarantee that your children will experience the life you had. If I do my part then my soul is clean but independently if your soul is clean or not, if a natural disaster impacts you and destroys all that you value, did it matter that you did your part but your neighbor did not because you decided that being informative is the same as being violent.

Moreover, what about the animals. While you sit there and feel good about yourself, what about their suffering, who will be their voice if you decide to be passive? Violence only promotes more violence but nobody asked you to be violent. All the animals ask of you is to be informative and keep pushing the information out to the public to turn people around. If one day we can speak to animals and they ask you the questions;

Why did you not fight for me?
Why did humans treat me like this?
What did I do to deserve this?
What will you answer…you do not have an answer, all you have is shame.

Some interesting facts from a well-fed world;

  1. Most of the world’s 6.5 billion egg laying hens are confined in battery cages.
  2. Each year around 50 billion meat chickens are reared worldwide.
  3. Over 1.3 billion pigs are produced worldwide each year.
  4. There are over 250 million dairy cows worldwide.
  5. About six million calves in the EU alone are reared annually for veal.
  6. Each year around six million farm animals; cattle, sheep, pigs and horses, are transported huge distances across Europe.

So, you can keep telling yourself that I did my part, you can keep being scared to stand up for animals and you are entitled to remain passive, that is your choice and your right. When others chose not to be passive, do not pass judgement upon them. At least I can say that I spoke up for the animals since they cannot speak, they have no rights, they are stressed, they are frightened, they cannot escape, they are executed for a greedy humanity, they are innocent…

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