The Bitter Truth Media Hides!


I woke up to a gray, rainy, cold Sunday morning. There was no happiness coming from these clouds, you could almost believe the angels were crying. Life was not served to you as expected and as time passes by, dark secrets surface to haunt you.

Yesterday my wife ran into a video of a cow sent to slaughter and while she waited on her turn she gave birth to a stillborn calf due to stress and anxiety. Hours later she was slaughtered and her eyes will never see the world again, she ended up as a slab of meat on someone’s plate. This is the horrible truth behind the dairy- and meat industry, you cannot hide from it. Media tries to cover it, can it be possible they are dependent on the dairy- and meat industries money, can it be that there are no viewers that want to see it, can it be that they are just animals, can it be that this is the norm, we eat meat and drink milk. Media has one responsibility, to inform, to share the truth, we have a responsibility to push media.

  1. Cows don’t have to live this way. The cow is a domestic animal, it is not a wild animal. If you released her into the wild she would not survive. Cows exist for one reason, to feed you meat when she is done producing the milk you drink. Both food sources are not a necessity for humans.
  2. You don’t need cow’s milk to survive. Multiple researches have proven this. Recently there was a massive media release in Sweden to show the true impact from milk, it is the same as drinking poison.
  3. Organic dairy may be “healthier”, but it’s not concerned with animal rights. It does not matter what you call this industry; organic, eco, ethical…the animals still stress and they are still born with a price tag, eventually they will end up on a plate. The label on your meat or milk does not guarantee torture free environment. What the camera can’t see you don’t know…
  4. Cheese can contain cow parts, not just milk but actual parts from the cow’s body.
  5. Life for cows after the milk runs out, equals death because they are an expense without an income.
  6. The life for calves in the dairy industry, is horrible, much compared to a concentration camp where death is guaranteed within 18 months for male calves. Female calves can end up never seeing daylight and are usually artificially inseminated at 12 months of age, they are an expense that needs to produce an income.
  7. The amount of money the government spends to promote the dairy industry, if you only knew!
  8. How dairy cows become pregnant to produce milk, through artificial insemination, not naturally, we force the cows to give birth to calves so we can steal the milk.
  9. Cows don’t need careers, cows demand absolutely nothing from humanity, you are their demand, your selfish greed.
  10. Cow’s don’t “need to be milked by humans” to survive, they are mammals, no mammal need humans to survive. Mammals are meant to give birth to their children and feed them with milk. Do we use any other mammals for the same reason, would you start breeding humans to provide milk, human milk is much healthier than cow’s milk.

I will share this video, it is short, it does not contain horrific images but it is an extremely sad story and it breaks my heart watching it. I cried out of pure grief for the poor cow.

Stillborn Calf born at Slaughterhouse!
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