Mouth Orgasm!

Yesterday was my first experience with restaurant dining and choosing a vegetarian menu. I was extremely disappointed yet proud. The smell of meat from the other guests was antagonizing and disturbed me deeply. In their own ignorance, they refused to accept the fact that the meat decorating their plate had lived a fast life while dying young. Yet, it is not my duty to condemn nor judge, I bit my lip and ordered a vegetarian starter and main course. It was probably the best food I had ever eaten at a restaurant and it filled me with pride that my past hunger for meat had been cured, I was no longer carrying the disease.

For the starter, it was a poached 63 degrees’ ecological egg, potato cream, winter truffle, friend cabbage and red onion. For main course, it was roasted carrots from Ugglarp, tempura onion, pumpkin purée, croznes, Danish enoki, parmesan foam and pickled greens. It was a pure, luxurious yet simple mouth orgasm.

The first thing I did this morning was to pull out our very large recipe collection and recycled pages upon pages of meat recipes, felt like the best spring cleaning in my entire life.

Tomorrow starts a new week, new challenges, new ways of turning people to the green side.
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