Got Milk?

Today is our last day with milk. We made a family decision to follow the advice derived from intensive research and it does not require a lot of intelligence to understand. If other mammals don’t drink milk after a certain age, then why should humans?

10 facts that you might not have known which will shake the foundation of your life.

  1. Every year on planet earth we slaughter 21,000,000 dairy calves for veal or cheap beef.
  2. The cow is no different than a human. They carry their calf for nine months and then begin to lactate for the sole purpose of nourishing their young, however, us humans do not respect this and steal the milk for our own greed. The dairy industry has fooled you.
  3. Science has through genetic manipulation altered the cow’s DNA so a cow produces 12 times more milk than it should, just so more milk can be produced.
  4. Even with genetic manipulation, it is not enough. Dairy calves are stolen from their mothers within hours of birth to maximize profit, to satisfy their monetary greed. 97% of newborn calves are forcibly removed from their moths within 12 hours, the rest in a matter of days. To be a certified humane dairy farm, the calves are separated as quickly as possible, within the first hour, however, the calf still ends up as a slab of meat in plastic, available at your local grocery store.
  5. To keep cows lactating at maximum yield, again, to satisfy the greed, cows are artificially and forcibly inseminated year by year, drastically reducing the cow’s lifespan but also creating a huge surplus of calves.
  6. Some female calves will join the same fate as their mother’s. They will spend two to three months of their life confined and contained in lonely hutches, fed a diet milk replacer while you drink the milk intended for them.
  7. It does not matter what type of farm being used for dairy production, factory-, family- or small, humane certified farms, male calves and surplus females are sold to be murdered. The veal industry would not exist without the dairy industry. By choosing to not consume dairy products you also put a stop to the calf slaughter.
  8. Over 90% of the dairy cows in the United States are confined in indoor operations, with more than 60% tethered by the neck inside barren stalls, unable to move or perform basic behaviors essential to their well-being.
  9. In natural conditions a cow can live 20 to 25 years but due to the constant cycle of forced impregnation, perpetual lactation and near constant confinement, their overworked bodies begin producing less milk at four to five years of age. You can just imagine what faith has in store for them since they become an expense, not a profit.
  10. Of the nine million dairy cows in the United States, three million are slaughtered each year to become ground beef and restaurant hamburgers, why did you think McDonald’s was so cheap?

If you think this is unique for the United States, pay a visit to a dairy factory in your country, ask to be shown around due to your love for milk. Ask them to provide you some facts and try to figure out if they are filling you with lies based on the facts provided above.  Be smart, realize that mammals only need milk at the start of life, save the cow from becoming fast food meat, save the calf who was stolen from its mother at birth, confined and slaughtered for a schnitzel.  

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