Fur, The Devil's Clothing!

Did you know that Sweden has a fur industry, even though the industry has been marked for contributing heavily to animal cruelty?

Fur farms are designed to breed and execute as many animals as possible to maximize profit and keep costs low. This means that fox and mink are incarcerated in minimal cages where they have no chance to act in accordance to what nature demands from them. Stress, throng, and idleness is the animals daily living. The animals become mentally degraded and many show stereotypical behavior like repetitive movement patterns. Minks, for example, a predator in the wild who live alone on very large areas, but on the mink farm they are enclosed together with other mink in a small cage which leads to attacks on each other and they get major bite wounds, even cannibalism occur.

The fur industry is a global industry and there are fur farms worldwide. The fur imported and sold in Sweden, do not only derive from animals that lived and died on farms. It also comes from animals caught in traps, usually foot and body traps. Those caught with traps suffer extreme pain and are stuck in these traps for days before the hunter comes. Death is the only salvation for these animals due to the immense suffering and wounds. Fortunately, these are illegal in Sweden due to these being considered cruel and cause tremendous suffering, but we still import much clothing with fur details from animals that experienced this cruel fate. This is a global business that consume a vast number of innocent animals.

  • In 2015 Canada approved the seal hunt to 400,000 seals, 35,304 seals were brutally killed.
  • In 2010 3,700,000 fox were killed.
  • In 2015 approximately 70 million mink were killed.
Most of the animals trapped come from United States, Canada, and Russia. The countries no longer carry these statistics, possibly due to the devastating numbers. In 2009 the numbers were as follows for Canada;
  • 265,071 muskrat
  • 139,220 beaver
  • 47,340 coyote
  • 92,959 marten
  • 32,072 raccoon
  • 2,055 black- or brown bear
  • 2,867 wolf

In Sweden, we closed the last fox farm in 2001 and the last chinchilla farm in 2014. We still have about 70 mink farms spread across Sweden.

Fur is a pure moneymaking industry, there is no other reason for its existence. Our demand and hunger for fur, to brag about the capability to own such clothing has driven us mad with greed. 2,300,000 years ago, fur was an important commodity to protect against heat and cold. Since then we have developed and there is no longer a human need for fur. By supporting this business, you are also targeting yourself as someone who supports the suffering and cruelty that these animals must endure.

Please watch below documentary created by Djurrätts Alliansen to experience the pain and suffering the fur industry supports.

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