Forks Over Knives!

Have you not seen Forks Over Knives yet? I am ashamed that I did not see it when it was released in 2011. Meat- and Dairy consumption is a death trap, it is the same as consuming poison. Don't be blinded by the commercials you see on television, it is all based on corruption. It is a proven fact that in the United States the USDA is infiltrated by people that have a connection to the meat- and dairy industry, fact is fact, six out of eleven members. The National Academy of Science who is supposed to gather up all research and present changes to the United States government, science is supposed to direct policy. They are funded through corporate money. It is pure conspiracy and corruption. The same values that meat- and dairy farming aims for, greed for money. Are you going to let a democratically elected government deceive you like this? How do you think your country government is managing the research developed through science? Do you really think that China, United Kingdom, Sweden, or Germany as examples have a better government, politicians that care for wellbeing? I tried to make a call to the Swedish National Food Administration today but they are closed on Mondays. Tomorrow I will attempt this again and challenge them based on the latest devastating discoveries made with dairy products.

 You can read about the latest discoveries unveiled by Swedish media here.

 If you want to get punched in the face, then you should watch Earthlings. It is a horrific unveiling of the true disgust that humanity does with animals. I could not stop crying. It presents such deep cruelty you will be ashamed of being a human.

 These documentaries are made because you as a consumer is being tricked by your own government. They will not hesitate to accept bribery, you will perish for their wallets. If you consume meat and dairy products, you should know that one quarter of what you eat is keeping you alive but the other three-quarters keeps your doctor alive. All this poison you consume destroys your body, yet your National Food Administration will not change the food and drink served at schools, they will not change the national food charts that are supposed to guide you to a healthier life.

 Let food be thy medicine, wise words from Hippocrates. This means that humanity has been studying food and its impact on the human body for more than 2000 years and still we have not learnt anything besides the feeding of greed to fill our wallets with happiness. You need to wake up and realize that you are wearing a blindfold, time to remove it and witness the truth behind the meat- and dairy industry.

2017-03-02 @ 11:20:37
#1: Madeleine

Thank you for lerus know. You are a good animalfriend and a hero for the animal. Good bless you.

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