Doomsday is Reality!

Today it is Friday so let’s try to keep a focus for this weekend. Send an extra thought to the animals that suffer on our planet, so be it the meat-, leather-, skin-, dairy-, poaching-, pharmaceutical- or cosmetic industry. It does not matter which industry you look at, the animals included in their concept are bred for a single purpose, for greed and inhumane treatment. We all know that pharmaceutical advancement requires animal sacrifice but there has been recent research claiming animals being murdered for no scientific gain or incorrect methods were utilized. It is vital that you stand up for the voiceless, for the rightness, for human compassion.

We can take our dog Tom as a simple example. His birthplace and birthday is unknown. He was found on the streets of Dublin as a stray with a self-repaired hip fracture which had healed incorrectly and a twisted front leg. He was marked for termination but was saved by a Swedish organization that rescue dogs and tries to find them a home in Sweden. He had surgery to repair his hip and spent two months at a foster home in Dublin and was then shipped by bus to Sweden where we picked him up early a Saturday morning this past autumn. He threw himself in our open arms and would not depart from my wife’s lap. His first three months we noticed that he was extremely afraid of humans and if you approached him to fast or did a motion with your hand he would urinate. Today he is a different dog but you can still see in his eyes that there is fear, perhaps he things we are yet another foster home. This story is no different in how humanity treats children. The only difference is that we do not terminate children, we nourish them back into society through foster families. 

We need to wake up from our eternal sleep, burst the bubble that surrounds you and take a step out from your boxed in world. See the truth with your own eyes, realized the wrongdoings and stand up for animal rights. We are driving humanity and our planet into doomsday.

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