Dog laboratories is not the future!

Today I wish to emphasize on the animal laboratories where we donate- and raise money to find a cure for diseases. The truth behind these laboratories is sometimes hidden from the donation spotlight and we have so much pity for the sick people that we sometimes forget who suffers for their sake.

Pet laboratories are not needed today, we are in 2017 and science has modernized. To let animals, suffer, to drastically reduce their life span, to let them gradually decay into lifeless shells, is this really something you are willing to donate money for? Can you honestly say that after decades of abuse with no results from the testing that this is something we should continue doing?

The human is a mammal, we are the most intelligent mammal but we are still an animal. We were bestowed with intelligence to do good, we were bestowed with the ability to speak for expressing ourselves. Our body is no different from any other animal, we have the same organs. We have the same feelings, we just use speech to emphasize our feelings. All other animals use sounds and these sounds represent how they feel but mostly us humans are deaf to these sounds, we do not understand them and chose to treat them as the same.

Animals are animals, why do you care about them so much, they were placed on this earth for humans…this is the most common phrase I hear when people do not understand my devotion to saving animals, my passion to care, my capacity to love…

Most will continue their grey path, into the oblivion. Never having the type of passion as my family has, never understanding the respect that animals deserve. Animals have always been there for you; how many humans have always been there for you at your time of need?

Today I wish to share the latest video from PETA. How about we do something about it or do you think this is right? Does it feel good in your heart knowing that there are humans that treat animals like this? What will it take for you to wake up and take a stand? All it takes is unity...nothing more...nothing less...

Behind the Locked Doors of Dog Laboratories in the U.S. and France...we warn sensitive viewers for heartbreaking images...


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