Decisions Impact!

Today is a good day. In my morning coffee for the first cup I had oatley milk and in my second cup I had rice milk. They are both enriched and contain the necessary vitamins a vegan needs, B12 and D-Vitamin as well as calcium. You don’t need to drink milk when nature provides the necessary nutrients.

Today is also a day for reflection, what have you done this week to make an impact? I influenced two people to sign the petition for Avon to stop animal testing overseas. My monthly contribution to Animal Rights and Nature Conservation in Sweden as well as World Wildlife Foundation helps and there are constant positives being produced. We adjusted our life with vitamin supplements so we could take our first step into a vegan life. I feel healthier because I am a vegetarian and lost overweight in such a fashion that my hairdresser made a comment. I wept for the animals that suffer on our planet but I am free of guilt and that makes my life so extremely more valuable and provides a new meaning.

Life is too short and fragile. We proceed to let days become months and months becoming years where death brings regret and remorse. You can change if you want and wish for a healthier planet. This morning my wife said a magic sentence that everyone should think about every morning you open your eyes. What if we just stopped our greed for meat, what would happen to the meat factories, to the meat industry, they would shut down and all the innocent animals would be saved and spared from being born with a price tag, for consumption. Farmers would switch to a greener agriculture, our impact on earth would be dramatical.

All it takes is you, to decide, to set a demand on yourself…

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