Converting Meat Lovers!

 Fighting for Animal Rights is never wrong, just being sure you fight with the right words and actions. Law of attraction reacts to negative words such as battle, war etc. It is extremely important that we are positive when we attempt to convert someone to understanding the truth behind the meat- and dairy industry. As soon as the conversation turns to verbal violence you have basically lost the moment where leverage was on your side. It is important that the images of the animal cruelty are spread to media, that we show everyone the horrors that happen behind locked doors. Words are not convincing; facts and statistics are and can never be challenged since they reflect the truth.

 I have seen some comments as of lately on social media which have been quite disturbing because it is quite usual that people have not seen the horrible images.

 The throwing of piglets on the ground to kill them is a cruel technique that causes much pain and suffering. Most piglets do not die but remain motionless still breathing, slowly fading away. A gentleman informed me that the piglets are usually squashed by their mother, but that does not justify the throwing of the piglet with all your force against the ground. If the piglets are squashed, what preventative measures are being taken, none.

 The smashing of a calf’s skull with a sledge hammer or just a standard hammer is the same thing as with piglets. Most calves do not die immediately but suffer a painful and slow death with tremendous suffering. There is no justified reason to execute an animal with such cruel methods.

 A family was commenting on a family member’s choice to become a vegan that if we do not drink the milk, the cow’s teats will swell. Let’s get one thing straight here. This is no different from a human. Mammals produce milk when they are pregnant because they need to feed their child once it is born. If cows were not impregnated to produce milk for humanity, then their teats would never swell.

 With this I want to end my entry by showing something happy for once. Watch how the rescued animals at Santuario Gaia run and have the time of their lives as they wake up to snow. Gaia Sanctuary is a haven for animals considered livestock. A place where those who have been exploited, abused, or neglected, they receive the necessary care to have a dignified life for the rest of their lives.

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