Animal or Human?

My daughter tagged me in a Facebook discussion which I had to speak about today. Who do you value most, humanity, or animals?

For most people this is an easy question because most would answer humanity, but for me this is not as easy as it sounds and my answer will probably surprise you, make you happy or confuse you.

Humans have a unique ability to survive and we have no natural animals. Even though we are animals and belong to the mammals’ family, we still forbid us eating our own, that would be unethical, cruel and madness. We allow ourselves to eat other animals but even worse, we allow the mass production for mass consumption and we sprinkle animal suffering and abuse on our need to consume meat. Besides the consumption of meat, we torture animals because that is what we do best, cause pain and suffering. We crave dairy products and that business is something we will discuss another day.

If we look at our treatment of mankind, we are not better and I am surprised that people don’t see the whole picture. We have these historical leaders that triggered holocausts, mass execution of humans. We blame our technology when we accidently bomb schools and hospitals. We are so greedy when we prioritize our values, culture, political views, religion, that we wage war on each other, killing thousands of innocent bystanders. We murder, rape, assault, false imprisonment, kidnap, rob, arson, forge, the list goes on. We take hostages and torture them or use them in a greed to get what we want. We humans have derailed from our true values.

Stop for one minute and think about the innocent humans, the children, and the women. Men cause an extreme high percentage of the animal suffering, not women. A child is not born to be an animal abuser, it is not coded in our DNA, this is something we teach our children, we teach them in silence that animal suffering is acceptable as long as I am served with the outcome. My wife told me the other day that we probably should not show the horrible images of animal torture and suffering and I asked why? We fill our children with fairy tales of how well our animals are treated on farms. We don’t explain to our children where meat comes from. We don’t show them the dark side of animal care, something that happens day by day without us even knowing about it or seeing it. Nobody is asking you to strap your child down with rope and force them to watch horrible animal images, what I am asking is why we do not tell our children the truth, why don’t we raise them to be more compassionate and loving for the better of humankind?

We can go on all day talking about the negatives of humanity and the very worst part is that only a fraction of us are willing to stand up for animals because like most say today, it is just an animal, what is the big deal? Most people consume meat because it is good. Ask them if they could eat humans as well, our bodies are no different than a pig, but that would be unethical. Most people that consume meat do not want to see what is hiding behind locked door number one, they are afraid of the truth, they are afraid to lose what tastes so good. Becoming a vegetarian and consuming as little dairy products as we can, best decision we ever made. We lost all our hunger for meat and feel reborn, best feeling on earth.

My answer is straight and simple, all animals are innocent as all children are. Humanity is bred to survive; most people survive or can survive but rather cry for help. Most women are innocent, men have corrupted them, they need to awake because women can change everything that is causing pain on this earth, they have the ability that most men lack.  

What has the animals done to deserve the treatment we give them every day non-stop for decades, centuries? Why do we in our focus on greed and need think for one second that an animal must suffer? This is the one-million-dollar question…

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