Humanity in Shame!

Couple of days has passed since I last wrote. My heart and soul has been filled with such grief and sadness for all the millions upon millions of years that are used as raw material by humans. Animals that endure great suffering and tremendous pain is laid upon them. Their fear is immense, you can see it in their eyes, their despair is obvious, where are they supposed to go, who will save them, they have no home…it breaks my heart.

We have had a lot of conflict with breeders, that us Vegans are a plague. You want to believe them, that they are thinking of the animals but it does not matter because for them the animal is a commodity, a profit. It is born with a death sentence when it takes its first breath of polluted air. It does not help when a county newspaper writes about animal abuse in the morning paper, how eight sick cows were left to die during a period of a year. I wonder what they were thinking, were they in pain, did their last breath of air in sorrow, despair, fear, and pain. What has become of humanity, we are no better than our ancestors and we hide the truth from our children, we should be ashamed.