Knife in the Heart!

I woke up this morning in despair, had to hug my dogs an extra time, had to convince myself that the little I do is good enough. Why can’t we all be synchronized to realize that there is a way to kill the meat industry without using violence!

Since birth I have lived with the fact that meat should be consumed. I travelled Asia for years with my father, eating things that you could only imagine. I spent 10 years in the United States, consuming large steaks. I am not proud of my past but how was I supposed to know when nobody told- nor showed me?

It is just recently with the birth of social media where news media has no control, this is the place where the truth has a chance to glow brighter, pulsating in the darkness, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I wish I could do more, I wish I could just make it stop or rescue them all. It is beyond imagination when we look at the quantities of species and animals that are brutally abused and killed every day. Not all farmers are born with an evil touch and you as a meat consumer is not to blame, most of you do not know and even if I show you, what are the odds that you will believe me without seeing it with your own eyes? That is why I will continuously make videos and share videos to raise awareness, to spread the word, to present the truth of what happens behind those locked doors that you really do not want to open but deep inside you know that truth is something humanity always strives to inhale.

We have two dogs, Lucy and Tom. Lucy is a silver spoon dog, born into this world with her mother and father. She spent eight weeks with her mother and then she came to us, however, her mother lived right down the street so they saw each other often. She has never had to fight for anything or felt left out. Tom is a rescue dog. They found him on the streets in Dublin with a broken left hip that had healed incorrectly. He also has a bent front left leg and he is extremely afraid if you approach him with a decisive face, he shrugs into a ball and shows terrifying fear…it feels like he was abused…