What did they do?

I have not written in a long time, been so extremely busy with our new website and we created a roadmap into the future for the next three years, we are extremely excited. Our days can be very low and tearful due to all the havoc humanity causes but we do our best to find meaningful effort for every day that passes. We want to end the day knowing that we did at least one activity to pave the path in ending animal cruelty.

We have also learnt a lot about the truth the last month that has passed. The animal industry has such a devastating impact not only on the animals but the footprint you place on this planet is stained with blood. In addition, we have learnt that animal consumption such as any type of meat, dairy and eggs is the number one cause of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, many mental illnesses etc. This is something we did not know and something that has been hidden by the industry.

We have also finished gathering inspections performed by the authorities for one county in Sweden. We also monitor and have activists assisting, for media releases of animal cruelty where we coordinate with local authorities for additional information, pictures and even videos. People need to see and read the truth behind their consumption.

As Dr. Richard D Ryder proclaimed, speciesism is the act where another art, in this case animals, are excluded from the rights, freedoms, and protections afforded to humans. There is absolutely no difference between this and racism nor sexism, it is the same crime. These innocent animals, who have no escape, no rights, no justice, no protection, deserve your compassion and love, not your greed nor hate. Humanity was not placed on this planet to kill. It is proven that killing only builds sadism and these animals, watch the videos, look at the images, study their eyes, see their pain, listen to the unheard, do something. You as a consumer carry all the power in the world to make a change, nobody controls your fate.

I will try to start writing again, it is like the cries of all animals in the world can be felt in my soul. The pain, the fear, the suffering…what did they do to deserve this?