We Are A Plague On The Earth!

I will never understand nor comprehend the cruelty of humans. I do not grasp the level of hate that spread in breeders, transporters, slaughters, and consumers. It is like a disease where we have not yet found a cure. When will these people wake up from their wet dream and witness the horrible painting they have helped each other create?

Can you watch an animal being tormented, a piglet thrown against the ground, a calf slammed in the head with a hammer, a dog beaten with a stick, a pig being kicked, a sick chicken in confinement, a dying rabbit in a cage, a duck having a panic attack, a chicklet crushed to death due to its gender? It does not matter which animal you chose, they are all part of our meat- and dairy factories, they are all tormented every day, it can be light or it can be severe. Could you visit a factory, look the animal in its eyes, raise a gun and place a bullet between its eyes? More than likely you could not do this, you would turn away, closes your eyes, and cover your ears, just so you did not have to see a dying animal in its eyes or hear its scream for help. This is humanity, as soon as something becomes too tough for us to handle, we put our heads in the sand. As a consumer, you do not fire the bullet, but you chose to not look, you chose not to take responsibility.

We must travel back to the stone age, 2,300,000 years ago, when humans had to survive through hunting to have food and warm clothes. Since then we have developed, became smarter but not smart enough. Today we can manufacture clothes made from cotton and the protein you need from the meat can be found in other products that do not derive from the meat industry. Most people believe that being a vegetarian or vegan is too complicated, consumes time and more money, fortunately they are wrong. Today, most grocery stores and restaurants offer a wide variety of replaceable products and menus to reduce or even eliminate your need for meat and dairy.

When lab tests are too dangerous to perform on humans, we test them on animals. This is a common approach where additional research is needed to reduce the usage of animals. They suffer, most of them severely. We need to produce alternatives for animal testing and foremost we need to globally ban animal testing for cosmetics since this a pure luxury resource.

We also use animals for pure pleasure and entertainment. They are meant to make us happy and feel satisfied, but in the background, it is all about the money. Most of these animals live a life in misery, may it be a circus or a zoo. Most of the time this is not fun for the animals, they do not share the human feeling of joy. They are scared, nervous and mad for what they must do and where they must do it. Animals are not toys, nor are they born to entertain humanity.    

Who has decided that is us humans that make the decisions for the animals, well, it is simple, we did. Animals have no rights in our society, nor do they possess a voice where they can express their feelings and pain, just so we can understand. We have decided to torment and murder animals for something we do not really need, we consider this our right. We blame it on better food, the usual comment from a meat- or dairy consume is that it tastes good, popular clothes is necessary for us and minutes of happiness at the expense of an animal is worth it. Who decided that you have this right, it was never granted you, it was stolen. Would you die for this or let another human die for it? There is much doubt that you would, so tell us, why do you think animals do? For the animals, it does not matter what is on your plate, what you wear or how fun you have at the circus, this is about their right to live, to feel love and be happy, just like you want to. When will you understand that we are all equally worthy, have the right to freedom and have our own rights. Animals have the right to live without oppression, exploitation, or enforcement. We need to wake up and smell our own coffee.

It is not time consuming nor a burden for you to be nice to animals, to treat them with respect and to love them. You need to decide that all animals have rights and that none should suffer. There will always be humans that can never understand this but most of us agree and the faster we unite, the faster the others will decline or be prosecuted. Nobody is asking you to turn the ship around in one day, baby steps are acceptable just to show that you are willing, ask for help, show interest, change the world.

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