Sweden tries but fails!

So, you think that your country is upholding an animal protection laws, that is why the meat you eat derives from a healthy and stress-free animal?

Let me start by destroying that theory by providing some facts and we will use my country Sweden as an example which has the world’s strictest animal protection laws. The truth is, if everyone followed the laws then you would not have to employ the police, the courts, the animal inspectors etc.

Sweden is a rather large country divided into 21 counties and each county has a country government. The county government has its own animal inspectors that are responsible for animal rights, amongst other activities. Sweden’s animal protection laws were founded in 1988 and have gradually become stricter. Sweden as a country has 10 million citizens and an area of 447,435 km². There are approximately 64,500 farm companies and out of these 16,000 are fulltime farmers. Out of the total farm companies, 35,000 are used for mass production of animals. Each county in Sweden can at a maximum conduct 1000-1500 inspections per year, this includes pet owners, pet breeders, and farmers. If you add the numbers which is basic math you can easily find out that we cannot guarantee the safety of our animals.

In 2016 I had a one on one conversation with an employee at the country government who informed me that their budget was greatly reduced and they had to release employees. This caused a massive impact from the Swedish population and after concerns raised by society, the budget was reinstated. In 2017 they have yet to rehire enough inspectors to be able to perform the necessary inspections.

When you go to the store in Sweden, you see meat, you want meat, do remember that Sweden has locked doors and behind those locked doors you have daily abuse of animals. It is your responsibility as a human being to report any suspicious activities to the county government animal inspectors.

In Vännäs a report arrived from a private person and after an inspection, 33 neglected animals had to be killed, one of them directly at the farm due to her inability to rise from the ground. She had severe injuries around her hip, had pressure injuries and was emaciated. It was not just cattle, but also horses, sheep, and goats. Amongst other animals on the farm, rabbits, hens, dogs and cats, the farmer received disciplinary action for improvement demands.

In Örkelljunga, the farm of a local politician who is aware of our animal protection laws was reported to the county government for an Incident. On his farm, around 11,000 chicken had died when the ventilation broke. Per the inspection, the ventilation system was connected to the same fuse, instead of having resilience. Most chicken had trampled each other to death gasping for air. To hide the Incident, he had tried to bury all chicken around his farm.

In Örebro, an unannounced inspection found something disastrous. A rotten pig was found in a shed next to the farm. Urine as well feces was also found spread about in different stables which created an extreme smell which is hazardous for the animals.

In Östra Göinge, after an inspection, 2500 pigs had to be cared for and removed from the farm. After four years of continuous inspection violations the decision was made to stamp the farm with animal prohibition. During inspections, the farmer had too many animals in the pins, sick pigs without veterinarian treatment, amongst other violations.

In Nora, after an inspection, the farm was completely shut down. During an inspection, the pigs were in so bad condition that they could not rise from the ground. The pigs had severe fractures.

If you for one second think that Swedish meat is safe to buy, I ask you to think again because the facts are available since they are public records. The farmers have one thought in mind, how to operate with most profit while limiting the expensive care that the animals deserve. 

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